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Who We Are

GEMASSIST Brain Awareness Foundation is a non-profit foundation created with a vision of becoming a national symbol of awareness, education, treatment and rehabilitation of spinal and brain injuries, and brain disorders associated with them. Our mission is to raise funds for people in need of treatment and rehabilitation through sales of unique jewelry. We are determined and dedicated to improving every patient’s quality of life. GEMASSIST donates 70% of sales to hospitals specializing in treatment and rehabilitation of patients with brain and spinal injuries.

Click Shop to see our “Brain Awareness” products from various artisans. Jewelry and decorations as well as “Brain Awareness Pin and Charm” sold with GEMASSIST logo help fund treatment and rehabilitation for number of patients.

How We Started

The foundation was started by Deborah Marie Krupp and her husband Armin Krupp after Deborah's unfortunate illness forced her to leave her engineering job at a Global 500 company. Deborah was diagnosed with aphasia, trigeminal neuralgia, suffered from severe migraines. A proud professional with almost 25 years of experience working with international projects was left sick and without a purpose. In her time of despair, Deborah discovered a new talent and passion she never knew existed. She started designing jewelry and decorations. She wanted her jewelry, story and continuous struggle to not only inspire but help others in need. That’s when GEMASSIST logo was born.

All donations are tax deductible.