Deborah's Brief Story

You never know how fast your life can change from a brain can change in a moment or one second.  And, it takes a while for you to understand the new you.  Your thoughts...your emotions...your ability to perceive and process the world around you are so scrambled until you get the right rehabilitation help!  It takes your family and friends a long time, if ever, to understand the New You.  I will never forget the moment that doctor caused my injury...and changed my life forever!

GEMASSIST®'s Mission

GEMASSIST® is on a mission of raising funds for people in need of treatment and rehabilitation from brain and spinal injuries and donating the net proceeds (after paying for the Website, marketing, shipping & transaction fees) by funding hospitals and treatment centers. We are determined and dedicated to improving every patient’s quality of life.

All donations and contributions to GEMASSIST® are tax-deductible
as GEMASSIST® is registered with the I.R.S. as a 501(3)(c) organization